Takhini River Ski Adventure (1 day)

Skiing on a river?! Indeed, frozen rivers are the winter highways of the land and our ski tracks join tracks of caribou, wolf, lynx, moose and fox. Let us take you on a unique and adventurous day through the Yukon’s winter wonderland.
Mountains up to 7000’ grace the valley. Our destination is a wall tent camp nestled on a bank in the pine forest facing the sun and the mountains. We will soon get the stove cranking out cosy wood heat in the tent to warm up, and heat lunch. An outdoor firepit is a great place to roast smokies and enjoy the fabulous landscape.
Rivers are dynamic in winter as well as summer! There may be icy sections and patches of overflow to avoid. You will learn principles of river travel as we examine shelf ice, glaciations, hoar frost, slumping, rough ice and animal tracks frozen in overflow.

For our return journey we may choose to retrace our tracks on the river, the way we came, or follow a trail through the forest, depending on weather, wind, river conditions and the groups’ preference.
This excellent day on the river has been rated by some seasoned ski tourers as their favorite outing, probably because of the fabulous scenery, the novelty of travelling a frozen river, and the cosy comfort of a wilderness tent camp at the destination.

Don’t forget your camera!

Full Day
Takhini River Ski Adventure

Duration: 8-9 hours
Suggested Start Times: 08:45 am
Includes: Guide, transportation, complete touring ski set, use of warm up tent, hot lunch, snacks & refreshments, hotel pick-up and drop-off
(warm winter clothing available if needed).
Price: $245.00 (CAN) per person (based on 4-person minimum booking)

* Note:
Due to the expeditionary nature of this program, changes to the itinerary are a possibility and are left up to the discretion of the guide. All attempts will be made to complete the trip within the outlined timeline.