Guided River Trips

Up North Adventures offers guided river trips on a variety of rivers such as the Yukon River, Teslin River, Big Salmon River, Pelly River and the Nisutlin River. These trips range from 1 day to over 2 weeks in length. A guided trip brings you to the ease of having plans and preparations completed for you as well as the convenience of having much of the necessary equipment provided. Furthermore, these trips offer you the safety and peace of mind of being guided by a professional leader, who will demonstrate and explain everything you need to know. Learn all about paddling technique, eco-friendly camping, bear safety, cooking on an open fire and more! Come and enjoy the history and lore of out true Northern heritage!
You might even find it exciting to meet other outdoor enthusiasts and share some time with them.

Moose along the Yukon River

Yukon River Expedition

Relive the past in the adventures of the present! The Yukon River is best known for assisting the gold seekers during the exciting Klondike Gold Rush. You will see relics of steamships, old settler cabins and gold dredges along the banks of the river. As you paddle down this historic river you will pass many famous Yukon landmarks!
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Self-guided canoe rentals in the Yukon

Teslin River Trip

The Teslin River is a very enjoyable and relaxing ride as it flows from Teslin Lake to the confluence of the Yukon River at the historic Hootalinqua NWMP station and Telegraph Post. The Teslin River is a scenic and historical paddle, which offers excellent wildlife viewing opportunities and leaves you with unforgettable memories.
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Start of the Nisutlin River by Teslin

Nisutlin River Trip

The Nisutlin River is gentle flowing and picturesque as it meanders through the Yukon’s amazing landscape. This region, with its low wetlands, is a summer home for many species of migratory birds and waterfowl and is known for its large moose population. An excellent choice for any outdoor enthusiast!
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Quiet Lake on the way to the Big Salmon River

Big Salmon River

The Big Salmon River offers great challenges for the intermediate paddler by in the form of log jams, sweepers, tight corners and large standing waves. The current is moderate but offers many surprises as it twists and turns Northwest towards the Yukon River.
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Pelly River Trip

The Pelly River is ideal for the intermediate paddler. Depending on water levels, you will find class II rapids such as Little Fish Hook and Big Fish Hook, or the Granite Canyon, featuring a swift current and playful standing waves. The remote Pelly River thrives with intact wildlife habitat.
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Start of the Nisutlin River by Teslin

Yukon River Day Trips

Interested in the canoe experience but short on time? Choose a day trip down the Yukon River. We offer half day trips from Marsh lake to Whitehorse or from Whitehorse to the confluence of the Takhini River. Full Day Trips and overnights to Lake Laberge are also available.
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Wind River Expedition

Wind River Expedition

You are far away from everything and you paddle one of the famous rivers of the Peel River Watershed. You will be experiencing amazing wildlife viewing opportunities, crystal-clear streams, enormous untouched animal habitat, and you are in for two weeks of the most authentic wilderness travel.
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