Snake River Options

The Snake River is located in the heart of the Yukon Territory and one of the famous rivers of the Peel Watershed. It drains from the Wernecke Mountains along the Yukon/NWT border into the alluring Peel River. Both rivers provide some of the most picturesque and pristine hiking and paddling found anywhere in the Yukon.

Part of the allure of the Snake River is that it is only accessible by float plane and flows close to the Arctic Circle. Experience the wonders of the Midnight Sun and use the extra daylight hours to explore and hike the surrounding mountains. You will hike up mountain ridges to reach panoramic viewpoints over the vast Snake River valley and beyond. As you paddle our way down the Snake, keep an eye out for soaring Peregrine Falcons as you travel through their breeding grounds. You will also be travelling through the habitats of woodland caribou, dall sheep and grizzly bears.

The Snake is rated class II-III whitewater, requires advanced paddling skills, and lots of rock dodging. If your paddle skills are feeling rusty or are in need of improvement, than come take a course with our Paddle Canada certified Whitewater Canoe Instructors. They will help you tune up your paddling and rescue skills and ensure that you are ready for the trip of a lifetime.

We provide an area to pack and organize your food and gear prior to your shuttle to Mayo. You can store frozen or fresh food in our fridge overnight. Take advantage of our secure storage and leave your suitcases or any items you won’t be bringing on trip. We have a retail store where you can pick up any last minute items or essential gear that was forgotten at home. You can also take advantage of our rental program for canoes, kayaks, and essential camping gear.


Duo Lakes to Taco Bar

Distance/Duration: 300 Kilometers (180 Miles). We recommend a minimum of 14-16 days.
Difficulty: Advanced

Duo Lakes to Fort McPherson

Distance/Duration: 520 Kilometers (323 Miles). We recommend a minimum of 16-19 days.
Difficulty: Advanced

Other Trip Details

Canoe Rental Includes: 2 life jackets, 3 paddles, spray deck, Coast Guard Safety Kit, sponge and bailer.
Kayak Rental Includes: Life jacket(s), 2 paddles, spray skirt, bilge pump, paddle float and sponge.
Price: Dependent on group size. Contact us for information on Peel Watershed programs.

Please contact us for detailed trip descriptions