Yukon Snowmobile Trips

Snowmobiling is a fun and exciting pastime for many Yukoners young and old! Snowmobiling through the Yukon’s unspoiled wilderness, will bring you to places you would not get to easily by foot, snowshoe, or dog team. With a snowmobile, the journey can either be an exhilarating ride up and down magnificent mountains or a relaxing tour through the forest and down historic trails.

All Up North Adventures snowmobile tours are guided for your safety. Before commencing any trip, we provide basic training on how to operate and ride a snowmobile safely. The minimum age is 8 and you need to be 16 years for driving a sled. Snow machine helmets are included and we supply warm, high-quality winter outer clothing and boots – if required. We will also leave an itinerary including departure and arrival locations, along with dates and times with the Up North Adventures’ team.